Thursday, October 26, 2006

Will St. Louis Have a Change in the Weather?

It's our friends in the MLB that have to worry about the weather. We were hoping to see a third World Series win by the Cardinals last night, and then have them finish it all with a triumph and a trophy tonight. Instead last night's game finally got scrubbed after about a 2-3 hour rain delay. The forecast for tonight looks even worse. Who knows when they'll put this Series back on track?

Give me NFL football. Neither rain nor snow nor sleet...our guys are no wimps.

Besides, we're heading off to play in San Diego.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Meet Me in St. Louis Tomorrow!

It's all happening in St. Louis tomorrow. First our Rams go up against the Seattle Seahawks, who, unfortunately, had a couple of weeks to recover from their uncharacteristically ugly loss to the Chicago Bears. We know they want to knock us off our top spot in the NFC West. But we don't have to let 'em!

Anyway, then it's the Cardinals against the Mets in the continuing National League Championship Series. Wouldn't it be fun to have tickets to both the Edward Jones Dome and Busch Stadium tomorrow? Except for the traffic.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

St. Louis Rams Add to Detroit Lions' Woes

Going into today's game with 2 wins interspersed with a loss, our Rams couldn't claim invincibility, but that's what they ultimately proved to have as far as the Detroit Lions were concerned. The Lions really wanted to notch their first victory though, and they came to the Edward Jones Dome ready to play.

I enjoy a see-saw battle, and that's what this was. The 41-34 final score came after an overturned penalty, and that's obciously not as much fun as a straight out play. But our Rams rallied three times from behind, and close to the end Detroit was trying to hang onto a 34-33 lead. Marc Bulgar said, "Sometimes in a game like this, it's who gets the ball last," which I thought was very gracious. Also true.