Wednesday, December 28, 2005

San Francisco Shocks the Rams Again

The St. Louis Rams are facing the Dallas Cowboys in their last game of the season. We haven’t had the best season and that was apparent in our loss to the San Francisco 49ers over the holiday weekend. I had assumed that we would beat the 49ers because they had performed poorly this season. We performed badly on defense missing tackles and allowing Alex Smith too much time in the pocket. This was our fourth loss in a row and our second to the lowly 49ers this season. We are facing the mighty Cowboys next week and very well could finish the season on a five game losing streak if this team doesn’t put forth their best effort all year.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Offensive Line of Fire

Now that the dust has cleared after the St. Louis Rams loss to the Philadelphia Eagles we can talk about Coach Vitt. He is angry, to say the least, about his teams performance on Sunday and the 15 penalties they committed. The offensive line has drawn the majority of Vitt’s ire as they racked up eight false starts and played poor pass protection. Ryan Fitzpatrick couldn’t get a passing game going at all and it was due in part to his inexperience. However, he was more hampered by the offensive lines inability to protect him in the pocket than anything else.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Rams Los to Vikings

In our loss to the Vikings on Sunday, the St. Louis Rams failed over and over to convert on third downs. We started the game alright but succumbed to the Vikings defense and allowed too many mistakes and forced turnovers. Ryan Fitzpatrick had a tough game and couldn’t get the ball to his receivers. The Rams running game was shut down almost completely by the Vikings defense. Players like Viking Koren Robinson made key plays that changed the momentum of the game in the Vikings favor. We are going to have to dominate more on offense to beat the Philadelphia Eagles next week.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Rookie Cracks Under Redskins Pressure

The St. Louis Rams 24-9 loss to the Washington Redskins showed Ryan Fitzpatrick’s inexperience in bold living color. He admits to getting confused by some situations on the field and that he failed complete some key passes. He did run for the Rams single touchdown but that is only because he couldn’t get the ball into the hands of any of our receivers. He played poorly against Washington after looking like a pro against the Houston Texans. Fitzpatrick looked nervous at the start of the game and failed to shake the high passes and mistakes of the first quarter all game. Even he admits,
“I felt like a Rookie out there.”