Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wilkins Kicks Some Houston Texans

St. Louis Rams kicker Jeff Wilkins put forth an amazing effort against the Houston Texans on Sunday. It was Wilkins who showed up and led the series of events that won us the victory and brought us back from a deficit in the fourth quarter of the game. After kicking the extra point after a touchdown in the fourth, Wilkins kicked an onside kick and then 47 yard field goal, followed by a squib kick the Texans could not return. Wilkins fine performance under pressure won us this game. His most notable contribution was the onside kick because it got into the hands of a Rams player almost as soon as it bounced on the ground and changed the momentum of the game in favor of the Rams at just the right time to tie the game and send the teams into overtime. Jeff Wilkins is easily the best kicker in the NFL according to Coach Joe Vitt and his fellow players.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cardinals Stop Steve Jackson

The Arizona Cardinals won the day on Sunday outscoring us 38-28. The St. Louis Rams quarterback, Marc Bulger, was injured in the game and is questionable for next week’s game against the Texans. No one knows if we will see Jamie Martin or Ryan Fitzpatrick but both have the stuff to beat the Texans with their losing record. The Cardinals effectively stopped our running game leaving only the pass. Steven Jackson was held to an abysmal six yards and a fumble. To stop him is quite an achievement and we have to give Arizona credit for adding an extra safety (Wilson) to help the cause. We just weren’t fired up enough to break their defense and the result was their outscoring us. I’ll admit they stopped us but why were we so ineffective against their everyday offense?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Bulger Versus Warner Sunday

Tom Nutten is out for the season with a neck injury and Larry Turner has returned in his place. Kevin Curtis has peaked fan interest with his growing popularity and skill at the wide receiver position. We are ready for this Sunday’s battle with the Arizona Cardinals and Marc Bulger is prepared for their fierce defense. Kurt Warner will be facing us for the first time since 2003 and we can only hope that Marc Bulger has a better game than against the Colts or Giants. We are on a winning streak though so the cards look to be in our favor.