Tuesday, August 31, 2004

How About That Jackson

Man, that guy can play. 125 yards on 25 carries... ain't too bad, and a 28 to 3 win ain't too bad, either. Anyhow, let me look into my crystal ball: yup, I definitely see a bright future for Mr. Jackson. The rest of you guys ready for the real season to begin?

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


I'm not too concerned since this is the Preseason... let's just hope they're saving their energy for the real season, which is just around the bend.
And the best news: Fisher is out with a fractured arm. Damn.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

News from nfl.com

"Rectify that," indeed.

The Bears tried to hand the game to the Rams. Chicago gave back 160 yards on 19 penalties. But the Rams made their share of mistakes, too, and when the kickoff defense team got burned in overtime, St. Louis was doomed to a 13-10 loss. St. Louis led 10-3 in the fourth quarter before giving up a game-tying touchdown. Ahmad Merritt's 87-yard kickoff return set up a short game-ending field goal. The Rams themselves had 12 penalties for 80 yards and committed the game's only two turnovers. "It was sloppy, very, very sloppy," St. Louis coach Mike Martz said. "We looked like we haven't practiced much, which we haven't in the last week. We'll rectify that." One penalty wiped out Shaun McDonald's touchdown on a 65-yard punt return late in the fourth quarter. Fullback Joey Goodspeed scored the team's only touchdown on a 13-yard catch-and-run in the second quarter. Rookie Steven Jackson gained 73 yards on 15 carries.